Happy New Year! | 2012 | Plans, Motivations, Resolutions

Happy New Year, lovelies! 2011 was spectacular for me (mostly) but I have this gut feeling 2012 will be even better! I have such high hopes and motivation to accomplish some important goals this year. We’re paving a road to health, happiness, and love. We’re eating healthier, we’re living for the day, and my best friend is going to be living in the same city (and same street!) as me again. Those are just a few of the things I’m looking forward to.

Also, I’ve taken a hiatus from wedding photography to focus on Peony & Pear Tree full time. I’m excited to grow this little spark of an idea and I thank every one you for your support, subscriptions, and visits. I love being able to teach and share all of these projects with you. It makes me happy when you send your project photos to me so keep them coming!

Finally, here is a list of things I’ve been working on since Christmas break plus upcoming projects for 2012!

-Reupholstered and painted Craigslist chair. (Tomorrow!)
-Custom frame mantle wall.
-Painted, high gloss, FREE Craigslist dining table
-DIY Banquette
-Redone painted, silver, guilded mirror
-Matted retro photos
-Painted, reupholstered dining chairs
-How to hang curtains over vertical blinds
-Re-covered lampshade
-Valentines Day desserts

Happy New Year! Good luck with your resolutions, whatever they may be!


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