Party Time: Placecard Name Trees Christmas Party Decorations

The manager of the apartment building I live in is a fellow crafter. She wanted to incorporate all of the pets into her handmade lobby decorations and after going over a few ideas she came up with something super cute. We had a few windy days that blew branches off of the oak trees that line our street so she collected some and put them in a tall vase. She hand wrote all of the pets’ names on paper tags and stamped Christmassy designs onto them. So simple and adorable! The mirror is lined with an evergreen swag and colored lights. She also put out glitter dreidels and Hanukkah gelt for our Jewish friends.

You’ve probably seen similar concepts at weddings. Wish trees or seating trees are really popular, especially with vintage and winter weddings. I got to thinking – what else could this be used for?

I want to hang my Christmas Cards from these. I might do that next year. Oh, and how perfect would this be for picking Secret Santa names? Use the branches to hang envelopes with names enclosed. Our family picks names at Thanksgiving, usually out of a bowl or hat, but this sounds way better. Another way to do it is everyone can bring one gift, the party host (hopefully you) can number each gift and put a matching tag onto the tree. Each person picks a tag and gets the corresponding gift. I like it!

Great…now I want to throw a party.


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