Hanukkah Ideas | Gifts and Decorating | Celebrations

Those of you that know me know I am an honorary Jew. If you don’t know me, now you know! I love me a good latke, a great bagel with lox and schmear, and I had Hava Nagila as my ringtone for 2 years. I have an affinity for Jewish culture and I live in a very Jewish oriented part of town, Hancock Park. So, I have to show some love for Hanukkah/חנוכה/Chanukah/Chanukkah…the festival of lights!

Hanukkah starts on December 20, so here are some ideas for your upcoming celebration.

1. DIY Menorah, The Nest: A DIY menorah made from recycled bottles. Perfect for young couples that don’t have their own menorah yet or ones that don’t want to store their menorah every year. I know a few gentile ladies that can use this to appease their Yiddish boys.

2. Keep Calm and Dreidel On, Thoughts to Print-Etsy; $10: Um…cuteeee! 8×11 art print. You could totally hang this above the table with #4 on it.

3. Latkes, Real Simple: It’s Hanukkah! You need to make these. Play around with seasonings and flavors and spice up your condiments like chipotle sour cream or spicy applesauce.

4. Glitter Dreidels, Martha Stewart: A fun craft from the queen, Martha Stewart. I love the glitter in all shades of blue and silver. My apartment manager put some of these in a vase in the lobby of our building for people to take with them. They seem to be very popular!

5. Keep Calm and Eat Latkes, Sweet Lex-Etsy; $12- High resolution image to print at home. I love the idea of printing this on a transfer or decoupaging it onto a serving tray. For your latkes of course!

6. Star of David Mobile, Family Fun– Simple craft using pipe cleaners. Kids love this simple, inexpensive, non-messy craft.

Happy Hanukkah!


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