Red & White | Holiday Inspirations | Inspiration Boards

I love the idea of red and white at Christmastime. My own theme for my tree is full of red and white! Here are some of my favorite things this week that may inspire you to incorporate red and white to your holiday home decorating!

1. Candycane Cocktail – This isn’t a decoration… but you know you need a drink or two this time of year, at least with my family you do. Keep it festive with the taste of fruity peppermint. Drink liberally.

2.Deer Head (small), Z Gallerie; $50 – I just got the large version of this gem for above my fireplace. I ADORE IT. Get one.

3. Cranberry Poinsettia Pillow, Etsy; $33 – I love these. I want to make some.

4. Special Delivery Gift Tags, Etsy; $2.40 – If I had kids I would order 50 of these. If I wasn’t such a sucker for my nephew’s reactions to my gifts I’d order some for them…but I want all of the credit and kisses. Maybe I’ll get them for my dogs…

5. Felt Garland, West Elm; $15 – I want to wear it as a necklace….hey, good idea!

6. Floating Peppermint Candles, Crate & Barrel; $9.95 – If I could, I would throw a big 80’s holiday white party and I’d float these in my pool. I’d serve the Candycane Cocktail I mentioned earlier and I’d have people walking around in snowman suits. A girl can dream!

There you go. Holiday ideas all under $50!


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