Home Decor: Upcycled Entry Table & Bulletin Board Makeover

I’m the type of person that walks in the door and dumps my stuff on the first hard surface I come across. Because of this I knew I needed an entry table to drop keys, mail, change, and whatever else was in our hands upon entering the apartment.

I got both of these main items for FREE – the table was left by someone in my building and the clock I found on the curb while I was walking my dogs. The storage box was from this trip to Goodwill for $2.

Let’s start with the table: Instead of restoring the hardware to it’s original brass finish I decided to use Rust-Oleum metallic silver to go with my dining room light fixture and cabinetry hardware. A good tip for spray painting small objects indoors is to use a box turned on it’s side to guard from any overspray. Make sure you do this in a well ventilated area!

Since our dining room and kitchen has white furniture and cabinetry, white was the obvious choice for painting. First, I scrubbed off as much dirt and grime as possible and then I used latex primer and latex paint – both thinned out with water and applied with a good quality brush. 3-4 coats of each for durability. Sanding any brush or drip marks with a wet/dry 800 grit sandpaper between coats.

I put back all of the hardware and replaced the the top knob with a glass one for some sparkle.

For the clock turned multipurpose board I took the whole thing apart. I took the clock out and replaced it with 3 layers of cork board. I used the glass as a size guide to cut the cork with my exacto knife and then glued the cork directly onto the glass using rubber cement and inserted it back into place. I then flipped the mirror over, sanded the back down to a smooth surface, and painted 4 layers of chalk board paint.

I painted the frame with the same white paint as the table and added 3 white hooks for keys and things. I finished off the back with a layer of paper.

The storage box was just as simple. First I primed over the brick red paint and then I used a left over light blue-gray paint as the base coat. I used my favorite metallic brush-on paint and a dry brush technique. I attached black felt with craft glue to cover the bottom so it won’t ruin any finish it sits on.

Tada! A perfect multi-purpose nook where we can drop mail, keys, wallets, and post messages. Exactly what we needed and all for a total of $2.00!


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