Weekend Round-up | Thirfty Finds | Shopping

Another weekend with some good finds! This time we stopped by Goodwill and Out of the Closet. Check out what we picked up for just under $25 and most of these items are brand new or in perfect shape!

Wrought iron blanket rack, Drum lamp shade
Bamboo utencil holder from Bed, Bath, Beyond; Re-sealable bottle, 4 mugs from Pottery Barn, Console/Mail box; Ring holder

Along with these items I got a dog gate that is much easier and compact than my current one. I love picking up the re-sealable bottles. They’re perfect for flavoring oils, waters, and vinegars. Also great for making Limoncello!

The cups go great with my tea pots from last week and I’m going to re-cover the lampshade for this silver lamp.

I’m also going to make over the box to make a mail/charging/wallet station to stash all of the things we grab before walking out the door. It’s going to look great on the table project I have in store for this week.

Next weekend we’ll be in Key West…but who knows what I might find there!


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