Weekend Round-up | Goodwill Goodies | Shopping

Every weekend Jvee and I stop by all of the Goodwills in our area. We’re weird like that. This weekend we caught some good red-tag (50% off) deals! We got all of these goodies for under $50! $42 to be exact.

Brand new Brita pitcher w/ filter, picture frame, box grater, resealable glass bottle; ceramic tart dish, 2 Crate & Barrel ceramic pumpkins, ceramic tea pot from World Market; 'Tea for One' set from Crate & Barrel, 2 Crate & Barrel stocking holders, Target wreath holder

I actually have one of the Crate & Barrel pumpkins already! Now I have a set of 3! We also scored a paint sprayer from Craigslist for $40. But I’ll write more about that later.

Can’t wait to knock some projects out this week!

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