Home Decor: Hexogonal Glam Side Table Makeover

I picked this piece up at Out of the Closet, one of my favorite stores, for $12. I love visiting these thrift stores and I feel pretty good when I find something I like because it’s owned by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and purchases help fund the services they provide.

When I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. The carvings on the doors reminded me of a Dorothy Draper piece, even though I eventually decided not to paint inside the carvings like DD would do.

I used the standard steps for this one. Sanded away any old finish and evened out the wood. Used a water-based primer and latex paint. I added an additive called Floetrol that conditions the paint and prolongs drying time to help with leveling and eliminating brush marks. I took the top and doors off to make sure I got an even finish while painting and drying.

Then did a couple of layers of water-based Polyurethane. That gives it the high gloss glam feel. Oh and it also seals your paint and makes it easier to clean, of course. Make sure that you don’t wipe your brush on the side of the can because that will cause air bubbles. Never a good thing on finishing coats. Also, use a synthetic brush with these products.

I kept the original hardware but replaced the knockers with glass knobs that I found on clearance at Anthroplogie. $2.89! To refinish the hardware and plates behind the knobs I used silver leafing. Silver leafing is a thin silver sheet that mimics the look of real silver. Place it over a tacky surface and brush the excess off. Really, it’s that simple. I love the stuff. Make sure you seal that with polyurethane too.

I use this to store camera equipment and files. I’m thinking about wall papering the inside at a later time, but that’s another project.

There you have it! $12 cabinet turned into a unique and glam piece.


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