Home Decor: Goodwill Lamp Makeover

Look at these lamps I want:

Room Service $175
Z Gallerie $139

I was perusing my local Goodwill and found similar shaped lamps for $10 a pop. I could see right through that ugly 70’s wood and brass. I have to say these were easy to accomplish and the slim body works perfectly on my small end tables.

First, I had to sand down the finish and smooth over any imperfections. These are wood so they still had some grain. Even with painting some of the grain texture still shows through, which I personally like.

I taped off the cord and neck of the lamps and primed. I used satin latex paint. The clean up is much easier. It’s also easier to use inside of an apartment because less fumes than oil. After two coats of primer, I slapped on 2 coats of paint.

I found some awesome rectangular shaped lamp shades for under $15 at Target. Only problem was the color. I wasn’t feeling white on white for this project so I popped over to Mood Fabrics and picked up a couple of yards of a navy blue suiting fabric. I lightly sprayed the shades with spray adhesive and put on the new fabric. I should mention that a little spray on adhesive goes a long way. A light spray is the way to go for proper adhesion. Spray onto the shade, not the fabric, so you don’t get weird staining.  Also, it usually stays tacky enough to change the fabric out if you wanted to change it up later. A can of this stuff lasts me forever.

I let the adhesive get on the neck of the lamp for this step. It allowed me to silver leaf that eroded brass away.

And there it is. Finished lamps.

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