Kristina & Ryan Engagement

Jvee met Kristina on a plane to Dallas last summer and upon noticing her amazing engagement ring he began talking to her about her wedding and his awesome photographer wife. She pulled up my portfolio and wrote me an email right then and there. When they landed Jvee called me and said “you will love this girl”…and after meeting her he was totally right. Jvee also had the pleasure of meeting Ryan before me when he desperately needed new contact lenses. First choice – Dr. Ryan Stybel of course. You may recognize him from his appearances on the show ‘The Doctors’ and ‘America’s Next Top Model’. We highly recommend him as our #1 Optometrist in LA…turns out he’s a pretty good model too.

We shot this session at the beautiful Adamson House in Malibu. After rescheduling twice because of rain, we finally lucked out with a day fit for frolicking in the sunshine. Speaking of sunshine – how amazing is Kristina’s tan?

I can’t wait for their wedding at Terranea in Racho Palos Verdes!


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