Vegetarian Beef Stew with Gardein

I have’t eaten meat in 11 years. My husband loves meat. We don’t always see eye to eye on dinner. Since I recently stepped up and have taken on the duty of cooking dinner for us more often, I’ve had had the opportunity to recreate homestyle meals that both of us will enjoy.

Tonight, I tried a new “wing it” recipe (that means non-existent recipe) and I decided to make Mock ‘Beef’ Stew. BOOM!

I picked up some Gardein Beefless Beef Tips at Whole Foods as my mock meat.

I didn’t have a corkscrew for some reason, so I pushed the cork into the bottle using a screwdriver and hammer like a classy lady. Huge mistake! Once the cork hit the inside of the bottle, wine SPRAYED all over my entire kitchen and into my eyes. Cabinets, ceiling, floor, IN MY NOSE. Don’t do that.

Anyway, after that fiasco, I was ready to get to serious business. I simmered together the beefless tips, carrots, onion, peas, potatoes, veggie stock, wine, and seasonings.

Add some crusty bread from La Brea Bakery and you’ve got a meal straight from

A very hesitant Jvee literally just said, at random, “Dinner was SO good tonight”. He’s honest, so I’m glad he’s happy.


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